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24/7 Support

To support our customers' applications, ITPI Group employs a highly trained and certified field technical staff that has both RF and networking diagnostic capability. Our field technicians provide expert 7 X 24 coverage for both emergency and routine maintenance services to insure proper system operation.

Most Engineered System Clients contract for annual maintenance agreements which provide both priority attention and a specific response time – usually within 2 hours. We provide maintenance support for all our customers, including those not covered by a maintenance agreement on a time and materials basis.

Our Network Monitoring accelerates the mean-time-to-react by enabling our technicians to have around-the-clock visibility into the status of your critical links. In many cases, this allows us to identify an impending problem and provide a recovery solution before the entire system is affected and very often before the customer even realizes that a problem exists.

Network Monitoring Services

In order to provide top-notch services, we believe that monitoring of network devices and services is highly crucial for an organization. We provide automated and web based network monitoring, in both a wired and wireless environment. Access to the information portal is authenticated and escalation levels can be defined. Needless to say, the service is provided 24x7x365. Contact us for a live demo of our network monitoring solution.
supportProactive Network Management
Our system shows us potential network problems before end-users suffer downtime or degraded performance. SNMP probes discover and query elements across a distributed network - whether it spans several rooms, a building, an office park, or distributed locations. Synthetic transactions test critical applications and alert our technicians to email, web, or directory server problems.

Integrated Network Views & Statistics
You'll see your network like never before. Active maps give a visual, real-time view of traffic flows through and between network elements and links. Status Windows, Strip Charts, and Device Lists provide easy access to critical network data (traffic, errors, utilization and outage information) simplifying problem diagnosis and device maintenance. Below is the list of services that we currently provide under our network-monitoring umbrella:
  •   • Network device monitoring (Servers, Routers, Switches, Wireless
        devices, UPS,)
  •   • Port monitoring (http, smtp, pop, etc)
  •   • Quality of Service monitoring
  •   • Three tier monitoring is available at an additional charge (contact sales
        for more information)
  •   • Wireless devices and systems

    ITPI's network monitoring system allows us to view any clients' configuration and alerts us whenever a unit is down. View the following screen shots to getting a good visual description of how our network monitoring works.
  •   • Three tier monitoring is available at an additional charge (contact sales
        for more information)
  •   • Wireless devices and systems
  • Monitoring Features:
  •   • Mapped monitoring (network maps)
  •   • Easy Data charting (strip charts)
  •   • Detailed, Real-Time Reports
  •   • Data Export/Import
  •   • Sub-Map Detail
  •   • Highly Scalable
  •   • Multiple Notification Options
  •   • Individual and Group Accounts
  •   • Polling Behavior Control
  •   • Data Gathering for Hundreds of Networks
  •   • Elements
  •   • Rapid Time to Value